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Legal Category: POM-V

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Oral powder for addition to feed. 1 gram of powder contains 5 mg of dembrexine hydrochloride monohydrate.


For the symptomatic treatment of acute, sub-acute and chronic respiratory diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tract in horses, where an abnormal amount of mucus of increased viscosity is present.  Dembrexine reduces the viscosity of respiratory mucus by fragmenting the sputum fibre network, and increasing pulmonary surfactant and respiratory compliance.

Dosage and administration:

For oral administration in the food at a dose of 0.3 mg active ingredient per kg bodyweight twice daily. Adult horses (500 kg) receive 30 grams of powder twice daily in the food. This corresponds to 6 level measures twice daily (measure enclosed in the pack). For small horses, ponies and foals the dose is administered pro rata according to the bodyweight ie, at a rate of 2 measures/170 kg. Add to the feed immediately prior to administration. Discard any remaining medicated feed. An improvement in clinical signs is usually seen within five days. Treatment should be continued until complete remission occurs (usually a total period of 12 to 14 days) but should not exceed 28 days. The horse’s condition should be reassessed after this period before any further treatment is proposed. In cases complicated by the presence of micro-organisms or where pyrexia is present, the simultaneous use of suitable chemotherapeutic agents is recommended.

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