PRASCEND £1.09 per tablet

PRASCEND £1.09 per tablet

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Legal Category: POM-V

In order to purchase Prescription Medicines you will need to supply evidence of your prescription. 

Active Ingredient: 

Pergolide 1mg 


Treatment of Cushing’s Disease in horses. Cushing’s disease or Pituitary Pars Intermedia Dysfunction (PPID) is one of the most common diseases of the endocrine system that can affect older horses.  This is a hormonal disease where the pituitary gland in the brain fails to work properly, resulting in an overproduction of natural steroid hormones in the body.  This can lead to a variety of problems for horses, ranging from laminitis to abnormal fat deposits with the most common being a longer, paler and curly coat.  Affected horses often appear depressed and lose weight despite seeming to eat more.  They often drink and urinate excessively too. Cushing’s disease results in a depressed immune system, so parasite infestations and bacterial infections often develop.  Cushing’s disease is seen most often in older ponies.  Vets can perform blood tests to confirm the diagnosis.  Prascend is unable to cure Cushing’s disease, but it helps to control symptoms and improves the quality of life.  Prascend tablets need to be given daily for the rest of the horse’s life.

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