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Legal Category: POM-V

In order to purchase Prescription Medicines you will need to supply evidence of your prescription. 


Sedation of horses to facilitate restraint for non-invasive veterinary procedures (e.g. passage of naso-gastric tube, radiography, rasping teeth) and minor husbandry procedures (e.g. clipping, shoeing).


A translucent blue oromucosal gel containing 7.6 mg/ml detomidine hydrochloride (equivalent to 6.4 mg/ml detomidine)

Dosage and administration:

The product is administered sublingually at 40 mcg/kg. The dosing syringe delivers the product in 0.25 ml increments. The following dosing table provides the dose volume to be administered for the corresponding body weight in 0.25 ml increments.

Approx body weight: Dose volume

150 – 199kg: 1.00ml

200 – 249kg: 1.25ml

250 – 299kg: 1.50ml

300 – 349kg: 1.75ml

350 – 399kg: 2.00ml

400 – 449kg: 2.25ml

450 – 499kg: 2.50ml

500 – 549kg: 2.75ml

550 – 600kg: 3.00ml

Instructions for dosing: Apply impermeable gloves and remove the syringe from the outer carton. While holding the plunger, turn the ring-stop on the plunger until the ring is able to slide freely up and down the plunger. Position the ring in such a way that the side nearest the barrel is at the desired volume marking. Turn the ring to secure it in place.

Make sure that the horse’s mouth contains no feed. Remove the cap from the tip of the syringe and save the cap for replacement. Insert the syringe tip into the horse’s mouth from the side of the mouth, placing the syringe tip beneath the tongue at the level of the corner of the mouth. Depress the plunger until the ring-stop contacts the barrel, depositing the product under the tongue.

After administration of the product, the animal should be allowed to rest in a quiet place for approximately 30 – 40 minutes to allow sedation to fully develop before any procedure is initiated.

Horses: Not for use in horses intended for human consumption. Treated horses should never be slaughtered for human consumption. The horse must be declared as not intended for human consumption under national horse passport regulation.

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