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Digestive Health SUCCEED® Digestive Conditioning Program™ is a patented formula that supports healthy gastrointestinal function and performance in horses through a simple, daily nutritional programme that fits readily into your clients’ regular feeding and management regimens.

Daily use of SUCCEED supports:

  • Compensation for chronic digestive disorders of the large intestine.
  • Compensation for chronic insufficiency of small intestine function.
  • Nutritional restoration, convalescence.

SUCCEED is as practical for large yards as the single horse owner. And since it works naturally to help maintain ongoing digestive health, SUCCEED is an ideal adjunct to equine wellness programmes. SUCCEED is available in oral paste or top-dress granules.

Specific nutrition, feeding and management regimens are required to meet the high demands placed on the performance horses. Exacerbated by the challenges of training, travel, and competition, this lifestyle risks the horse’s natural digestive health.

SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program was developed in response to the need for feeding and managing for success, while reducing the risks carried with it.

SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program is a daily feed supplement program that offers a simple, natural way to optimize and manage complete digestive health in horses. Benefits to digestive health are derived from:

  • Polar Lipids– found in oat oil, enhance the equine GI tract’s natural protection and ability to absorb nutrients effectively.
  • Beta-glucan– a soluble fiber in oat flour, for immune health.
  • L-Glutamine– supplies nitrogen to the immune cells of the intestinal mucosa and aids recovery.
  • L-Threonine– assists metabolism and nutrient absorption, supports healing and aids in the management of  stress.
  • Nucleotides– derived from yeast products in SUCCEED, to increase mucosal thickness and protein levels, and to stimulate the growth of enterocytes and intestinal villi.
  • Mannan Oligosaccharides– in yeast products, to bind pathogens and stimulate the immune system.