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Equitop® Pronutrin is a feed supplement containing the patented Apolectol complex, which includes Pectin, Lecithin and Glycerol.

It is designed to support the natural protective mechanisms of your horse’s stomach.  It contains Pectin which is a naturally occuring molecule derived from plant fibres.  This forms a gel which coats the lining of the stomach and helps to support the normal healthy mucous of the stomach.  Lecithin and Glycerol also help to support the natural protective layers of the stomach.  

Equitop Pronutrin can be given alone or with feed, and is tested free of doping substances – so it can be used right up to and throughout competition.  

Equitop Pronutrin is supplied in a 3.5kg tub, which should last a 500kg horse approximately two weeks.  Equitop Pronutrin is a long-term alternative for support of gastric health.