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Product details

A completely protective antibacterial, sunblock cream that acts as a totally natural second skin.  Ideal for protecting horses legs from mud and wet which will help to prevent mud fever.

What does FiltaBac® Cream do? 

1. Acts as a totally natural second skin

2. Has antibacterial properties, protecting skin cells as they heal

3. Provides a protective barrier against rain, dirt or insects

4. Is a total sunblock, protecting any white, finely haired or hair-less areas from being sunburn (nose, pasterns, ear-tips).

When to use FiltaBac® Cream:

• Broken and Grazed Skin
• Bites
• Cuts and Gashes
• Girth Galls/Girth Rub/Saddle Pressure areas
• Bit pressure and mouth damage
• Fly/tick bites and Insect worry
• Clipper rash
• Irritated skin
• Mud Fever
• Rain Scald
• Sun Block Protection

How to use FiltaBac® Cream:

1. Cover the damaged skin area with a reasonably thick coating of FiltaBac® Cream. This will naturally replace the lost skin

2. Re-apply FiltaBac® Cream to the area for 2-3 days without removing the original cover

3. After 2 – 3 days – gently remove the FiltaBac® Cream from the area by using warm water and a mild soap or dilute antiseptic solution

4. Pat or air-dry (do not rub)

5. Re-cover with FiltaBac® Cream Hair will re-grow naturally on the area